Akela is the wolf that Mowgli adopts in “The Jungle Book”, Amadahy means “Water’s Forest” in Cherokee language.

The project’s name is a fusion of the aspects that recall our most resonant parts with nature: an image of dynamic equilibrium and contemplative solitude, punctuated by streams and the rustle of the tree branches that connect us to the environment’s music.

We create musical bridges to connect the listener to their own unique and unrepeatable emotions.
Our desire is to hold all hands and undertake together these experiential journeys, outside and inside us.


Start doing what is necessary, then what is possible. And suddenly you will find yourself doing the impossible.

This is precisely what moves us: attention in the small things.

We know that only by tending our daily lives like a precious seed can trees, fruits, and wonderful forests grow.
Our intent is to spread sensations of authentic well-being and intimacy with music, words and the blending of the arts, recreating atmospheres full of empathy, listening, sharing and warmth, where everyone can feel at home, no longer alone, free to be what they are, outside of a performative perspective and inner and outer judgement, welcomed in all their fragility and contradictions.

We deeply believe that this state so full of harmony, and so empty of noise, is the fertile ground for the greatest of revolutions: knowing ourselves, and recognising ourselves in the other, understanding our emotions and our shadows, embracing every part of ourselves.

By implementing this process, we will finally be able to relate to each other in an authentic, healthy and nurturing way, thus making the most utopian of statements possible: making the world a better place.

we are nature

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… in balance with your possibilities and the support you wish to share with us. Once the donation has been made, we will send you an email with the link and password to download the tracks

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benessere sonoro

a bridge to your feeling

Benessere sonoro aims to act as a bridge to your inner feeling, opening your heart to the words that nourish, and to the music that cradles and amplifies listening to you.

Recognising and consciously experiencing all the nuances of your emotions is essential for the well-being not only of yourself, but of the entire ecosystem: discovering yourself authentically, as well as accepting and directing yourself more and more towards your intuitive and vocational nature, also allows a more authentic relationship with your neighbour, and with our planet.


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